}); Steps install and activate Maple 18 For Windows - Key + Crack

Steps install and activate Maple 18 For Windows

STANDALONE INSTALLATION – steps install and activate Maple 18 For Windows

1. Click the link we have provided you to

download  Maple 17   

download maple 18 .

Select “Windows 64 Bit” or “Windows 32
Bit”. You will likely want to select “Windows 64-bit”, but you can check if your system is of this type by
going to “Control Panel” > “System and Security” > “System” and view the “System type”:

2. Once the appropriate choice is made, your installer file will download

3. Navigate to the installer file. The standard location is your “Downloads” folder:

4. Run the file as administrator. To do so, right-click on the file and choose “Run as administrator”:

5. The installer will open, click “Next”:

6. Carefully read, and accept, the license agreement:

7. Choose the path to install Maple. A default path is already chosen, and is recommended:

8. Decide whether or not you would like Maple 2018 to be the default for opening Maple files:

9. Choose whether or not you would like to have a desktop shortcut:

10. Choose if you would like to link Maple with MATLAB. The supported versions with Maple 2018 are
MATLAB 2017b, 2017a, and 2016b:

11. Keep “Single User License” selected (This will also apply to a Home Use code associated with a network

12. Choose whether you would like the installer to check for updates available to your Maple 2018 installation:

13. Review the Pre-Installation Summary:

14. Maple 2018 will install on your computer:

15. Decide if you would like to activate Maple 2018 now:

16. Input your purchase code and then the necessary information to activate:

If you receive an error, “There was an unknown network error”, please proceed to Offline Activation.


1. Get to the download page for Maple Network Tools 2018 from the bottom of this webpage. Select “Windows” (32-bit) or “Windows 64-bit” to download the installer file.
2. Navigate to the “NetworkToolsWindowsX##Installer.exe” file. Right-click > “Run as Administrator”.
3. Navigate through the installer. You may change the default locations if necessary.
4. Once the installation is complete, navigate to the “activate” folder in the “Program Files”. By default, this is:
C:\Program Files\Maple Network Tools\activate
5. Right-click “activation.exe” > “Run as Administrator”. The activation will launch.
6. Input your network “Purchase Code”, “License server name”, and the “Port number” you would like the “lmgrd.exe” license manager daemon to operate over.
7. Input your information. Also, you will decide how many licenses this server license will serve at this step. Your maximum available is listed.
8. A “Maple2018.lic” file is now created in the “activate” folder.
1. Open the license manager LMTools.
2. Navigate to the “Config Services” tab.
3. Define the three necessary paths. By default they will be:
Path to the lmgrd.exe: C:\Program Files\Maple Network Tools\FLEXlm\\windows\lmgrd.exe
Path to the license file: C:\Program Files\Maple Network Tools\activate\Maple2018.lic
Path to the debug log file: C:\Program Files\Maple Network Tools\FLEXlm\\windows\log.txt
Note: You may need to create an empty text file for the log. You may name it whatever you like as long as the path is properly set. Due to permissions, the file may need to be created on the “Desktop” and then dragged over.

4. Check “Use Services” and decide if you want to “Start Server at Power Up”.
5. Click “Save Service”.
6. Go to the “Start/Stop/Reread” tab.
7. Check the “Force Server Shutdown” checkbox and then click “Stop Server”.
8. In the bottom dialogue you will see “Stopping server”. Wait a few moments and then uncheck the “Force Server Shutdown” checkbox.
9. Click “Start Server”.
10. In the bottom dialogue you should now see “Server Start

1. Run the Maple installer and proceed through the installation as normal. When prompted to “Choose the Type of Licensing”, select the “Network License” option.
2. Input the “License server” name and “Port number” to coincide with the port used for the “lmgrd” in the “Maple2018.lic” file.
3. A “license.dat” file will be created and the default location is:
C:\Program Files\Maple 2018\license\license.dat
4. The default port for the “lmgrd.exe” in the client license file will be 27000, so if a different port was used in the server license file, “Maple2018.lic”, then this change will also need to be made in the “license.dat” file.
5. Test Maple 2018 on the client machine.
If it is not operational at this point, please see Troubleshooting.

Steps install and activate Maple 18 For Mac
Steps install and activate Maple 18 For LINUX

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